Interclassics 2024 Ford Performance 120 years
The MECC in Maastricht will host Interclassics from January 11-14, with 120 years of Ford Performance as the theme. Sminkpower has had a preference for this well-known brand for many years. Sminkpower is (or has been) the owner of various Ford-related cars for which we also supply various parts;
Ford F150 pickup truck
Ford F1 Pickup
dax cobra
Ford Superdeluxe 1941
Ford Superdeluxe V8 1941
Many years ago we were an importer for OZE rods, we still have 2 hot rods to be completed;
OZE Rod 1940 Slamback
Oze rod slamback
OZE Rod 1937 Roadster
 Ford Oze hotrod
Sminkpower is also a sponsor of the car pulling DCPO in the Netherlands and of the following participants with Ford-related machines;
Ford Mustang performance onderdelen 
"Midnight Oil"
 Matford V8
Sminkpower has been invited for the 2nd time to help with the classic car rally Winter Trial 2024 which will be held from January 28 to February 2, we are guests of M-Sport Poland, very famous for their Ford Fiesta ST Rally3 rally cars.
M Sport Poland
More information about this company and our experiences at Wintertrial 2024 next month!

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