Ranging from the 86GT to the FRS and BRZ variations, ProTEKt has you covered with the Front Bumper Skid Plates! The 86 chassis is a popular choice for enthusiasts, commonly used in autocross, drifting, and track days, and are notorious for having front bumper durability issues. It is common for the bumper cover to develop cracks that allows it to flex, leading to the inner fender liners coming loose and rubbing on the front tires. Many folks have just gotten used to replacing the bumper cover regularly as a fix. ProTEKt parts add support to the area, preventing cracks and can be used to repair bumpers that are already broken.

Machined from ultra-durable high-density Polyethylene, ProTEKt plates will never wear out and are guaranteed for life. This slippery material lowers friction so your bumper slides easily over bumps and surfaces, minimizing stress on the bumper mounting tabs. Each skid plate set is designed to be application-specific for an exact fit that helps to maintain factory ground clearance. ProTEKt's easy installation kits come complete with all necessary stainless steel hardware and do not require any special tools or equipment. All ProtTEKt products are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.


2013–2016 Scion FRS, 2017–2019 Toyota 86, 2019 Toyota 86 TRD, 2013–2020 Subaru BRZ

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