CSF Universal Drag Race / Tuck Radiator w/9in Spal Fan - 10.5in H x 10in L x 3.6in W - Black


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After more than 9 months of R&D, and input from some of the best import drag race builders in N. America, CSF has brought to the sport compact market the most advanced drag race cooling system ever developed. Introducing the KING Cooler. For the longest time, buying a drag-race radiator was a tasking process. End users had to custom order the unit based on their connection and mounting specifications. Typically, this process would take 2-4 weeks and be rather expensive. CSF has eliminated this hassle by making sure that these units are in stock in both of CSF?s coastal warehouses and on the shelves of distributors and supporting dealers around the world. Universal Fit Allows for Mounting in Multiple Different Configurations. The Triple-Pass Flow Structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator three times before exiting for lowest outlet temperatures possible. This radiator features a 2-Row core with CSF?s exclusive B-Tube Technology: Unlike a regular oval-shaped "O" type radiator tube, CSF uses a specially engineered tube in the shape of a "B". These "B-tubes" are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam to seal. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminum material (with better cooling efficiency) because this design is actually stronger than normal "O" shape tubes that are welded. The design (inlet in the middle of the tube that is seam brazed) increases the heat transfer surface area of the tubes by approximately 15% over regular tubes ? producing the efficiency of two smaller tubes vs. one large tube within the same space criteria. With "B-tubes" you are able to get "dual liquid laminar flow". CSF also uses ultra efficient multi louvered fins that are carefully and precisely aligned to maximize airflow through each radiator core. Fin specifications are carefully measured and calculated for each application, and tested for maximum heat rejection efficiency in our wind-tunnel lab.

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