Nitrous Express Lightning 500 Bottle Valve (Fits 15lb Bottles)

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Why did we call this valve the Lightning 500? Because it has .500 orifice and .500 piston lift! The largest orifice in the highest piston lift of any conventional bottle valve on the planet. The 500 has a .625 siphon tube, only one 45 degree turn in the nitrous flow path and fittings that will allow the use of up to a 10AN supply line with no restrictions. The 500 is engineered to eliminate all obstructions, short edges or tight turns that will disrupt the smooth laminar flow of nitrous. This design minimizes boiling and gaseous nitrous in the flow path to the solenoid resulting in a nitrous system that produces more clean horsepower and is easier to tune on any car! The Lightning 500 is CNC machined from billet aluminum and is approximately half a pound lighter than a comparable brass valve, has dual gauge ports, and interchangeable nipples that will allow the use of 4AN/6AN/8AN/10AN supply lines. The Lightning 500 comes standard in may NX systems but will fit in any nitrous bottle and is available to upgrade any brand nitrous kit.
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